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Classic Cars



The Collection is a small and tastefull cars collection selected with exquisite taste. These cars are a selection of sport classic cars, in some cases limited editions from exclusive brands mainly from Germany and United States of America. Ask about our Warranty Options for our Classic Cars.

We work with brands such as name as Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW, Ford, Chevrolet, Mercedes, and many more. Come to see our show room or shop online. We deliver worldwide!



Villa del Marqués & Secret Garage

Conveniently located in Madrid, Spain, between Madrid city center and El Escorial Monastery, our villa is available for any scheduled visit, also many cars are stored at the Secret Garage, available for visiting on your stay. For testing the cars we have the hill curvy road to El Escorial. 

The exclusive selection of cars that the Marquess has, will allow you to choose between different classic cars. For international visitors we can arrange an Exclusive Luxury Weekend, come by plane and come back driving in your new classic car or we wil be delivering to you anywhere in the world.


About The Marquess 

Alvaro Sanchez is the Marquess on Antella, Italian city near Florence, this Noble Title comes from 1649 when Felipe IV gave this Title to Niccolo Pallavicinno in Sicily for his support in the War of 30 Years. More about this Title available in Wikipedia.

The Marquess life has been related with cars as the two previous generation were racing cars and the marquess continuous this tradition with pride. 

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