The past July Marquess Collection Sponsored Drive and Help from Roadstr App donating for for Covid 19 research, and Organizes and Opendoor and an exclusive route throgh the Madrid mountain curves



The Marquess Collection´s Audí S6 Plus sedan was mentioned on the news paper Diario Motor. 


This unit is being auction by RM Sotherby´s in the Essen Tecnoclassica in the month of June.


The Marquess Collection sponsors the lates Porsche Meeting in Madrid Spain, with over 100 Porsches registered.


The 10th anniversary of the meeting with great turn out, Lunch and a nice route through the mountain curves


The Marquess visited Antella with an excellent welcome reception by the local school and a child show during Easter 2019.

The Marquess was very emotional and moved by such a reception, giving a final speech at the act.