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Porsche 911 RS

This Porsche 911 RS is a tribute for pure racing over a pre73 911E from 1972. The unit has a 2.7 S engine with Zenith carburators, spaguetti headers and open headers through a dual center pipe. Mounted on a 901 5 speed transmission with Limited Slip Differencial that moves the original Fuch 16" wheels.

The racing preparation includes roll cage from the engine bay to the front trunk, retro buckekts with the option to replace for modern sparco buckets, light weight dash, lexan/plexiglass windows (sides and rear), fiberglass roof, fiberglass quarter panels,fiberglass bumper, and fiber glass trunk, racing 100L fuel tank, 993 brake discs and calipers with extra cooling, and blistein suspension and geometry lowered,

This car was a Porsche Club of America racer and developed by a 30 years Porsche especialist in the east coast.


Price of 85500 Euros

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