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BMW 2002TII 

The BMW 02 2002Tii is one of the most popular rally cars in all times, with its light weight wide wheel arches of the tubo and a stock 130HP the Tii flys, being much more powerful than others 02 series.


Now imagine this unit with the dual weber carburettors and high performance exhausts with an estimated much higher and less than 1000Kg, this unit is the ideal daily classic or track tool. 

The car has new clutch, new clutch master and slave, rebuilt weber carburetors, new exhaust system and maintained engine, new suspension springs and components, new front brake callipers, new brake circuit, and pump, so the car performs excellent as going in rails, with a lot of power and stability and handling.

In its exclusive color Jadegrun Green and beige interior is an elegant combination for any use, and make it the most desirable, do not loose this opportunity.

Price 30000 Euros

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