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Karmann Guia

This Volkswagen Karmann Guia from 1974 very rare Auto Stick (Semi Automatic) is a New Jersey unit that was originally blue, and we have restored it in the original color. it came to the collection with some rust so we did a chassis and body metal sheet restoration. The car now is clean and has been painted in its original color, interior has been re-done and has new chrome trims, dash, seat upholstery, rubbers, rims, tires, and many more.

The engine is original with its original setup and carburetor rebuilt, with a new sporty exhaust and new brake system, and new clutch for the Auto Stick, the car accelerates and brakes as new. It is not a sport car but it is a lovely car to drive around for picnics, and travels, as it has rear seats and a nice front trunk. 

Currently the car is in final detailing state, so it can be delivered within less than 60 days.

Price 25000€

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