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Mustang GT350

This 1966 Mustang GT 350 is a tribute to Carroll Shelby over a 1966 Mustang 200i with 3-speed manual transmission. This unit was restored body and paint and the engine has been kept original and maintained.


The 200i 6 in-line cylinders have been updated with Clifford 6 = 8 heads with massive noise thanks to the Flowmaster exhaust. This is a true muscle car with the most pleasant noise in the city. The interior has improved Pony leather seats for maximum comfort, the cobra wooden steering wheel and Shelby safety belts for maximum safety. The brakes have been upgraded to front disc brakes for an even safer stop.


This pony has a Spanish historical and legal title on the road.


This unit came from California, it was owned by a Sargent of the US Army designated in LA, however the car was in Oregon so the Marquess flew to Oregon and he almost missed the flight back as he enjoyed very much the ride; we were lucky that the Medford airport was so small. In this unit we have addressed multiple challenges in the transport of the vehicle and in the restoration, so we have many adventure to tell; it has been an exciting 3-year project we have worked on to make it as satisfactory as it is today to drive through the hills and city.


Price of 45000 Euros.

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