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Porsche 911

This Porsche 911 is a 1978 911 3.0 Super Carrera SC Targa Unit, It was restored four years back the paint job by very good workshop specialised in classic cars, today this 911 is maintain and running strong anywhere it goes.

With 80000 milles in the odometer, this 911 SC with corck interior is an ideal choice, difficult to let go.

It comes with a set of 17' Original Fuch rims, chrome headlights and windshield trims, gloss targa arch, turbo spoiler at the rear, Tag Heuer clock, retro radio, and everything working as it should.

This car has been in our collection for over 10 years as the favourite ride. Previous to be ours the car was one owner since 1978 who drove it on Sundays to buy ice creams with here daughter for many years. It was a very special car for them. The marquess visited them on their San Jose (CA) villa few years ago, and they were a very entertaining and classy family.

This car over the last years has appeared in multiple cars magazines.

Price of 52500 Euros

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